Does this bracelet have a religious meaning?

The stones and Engravings energies that make up your bracelet are not bound to any religion.

It’s all about being spiritual and connecting to positive energies via the letter combinations engraved on the jewellery.


Can I still wear the jewellery and connect to its energy, if I can't read Hebrew/Aramaic? Should I learn how to pronounce the letter engravings?

The letter combination are not words and therefore are not meant to be pronounced. Kabbalah says that the “eyes are the windows of the soul”, so when you scan the letters in the direction of right to left, your soul recognizes the letter combinations as a vibrational energy that is drawn down from the universe.


How should I take care of my bracelet?

We believe in longevity and sharing your bracelet. We have written a short guide on how to best take care of your bracelet and look after the stones:


How do I know my wrist size?

You can easily find out your wrist size by measuring your wrist with a tape measure. Take a look out our step by step guide to finding your perfect size.


I would like to place a customer order?

Please email info@sarahdimitrova.com with your request. We are able to combine stones from each collection to make your desired letter combinations.


Where are you located?

Our studio is based in the heart of Mayfair, West London. It is here where we craft our special collections.


How long are delivery and shipping times?

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery once we have received your order. International shipping can vary but we aim to deliver your item/s in 10 days, once shipped.


I would like to return/exchange my order?

We offer a 30 day return policy for all of our orders, if unworn and returned with the original packaging. Please have a look at our Returns page for more details.